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Atlanta Theological Conference

Christian Disciples Church at the 24th Theological Conference, Atlanta, USA

A few people from our Montreal and Toronto churches participated in the 24th Theological Conference organized by Atlanta Bible College and Sir Anthony Buzzard. From the Montreal church were Pastor Bentley Chan, his wife Sylvia, and Jean-Philippe Parent; from the Toronto church were Pastor Stanley Chee and his wife Pamela. Joining us from Ottawa was Bruce Lyon.

Bentley was invited by the conference to give one of nine main theological presentations. His presentation "Theological Metamorphosis" describes the transition (the metamorphosis) of Christian Disciples Church from a trinitarian church to a monotheistic one, and explains the biblical basis for the move.

The aforementioned people also gave their own Faith Story presentations.

New book "Theological Metamorphosis" will be available soon

Bentley is completing a short post-conference book of the same title (Theological Metamorphosis) which expands on his presentation. You can download the book soon.


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