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Baptism and the New Life in Christ

Baptism and the New Life in Christ: The Practical Meaning of Baptism in the New Testament, (c) 2019, Eric H.H. Chang, 248 pp, ISBN 978-1979189408, Kindle e-book ASIN B07SFY5XW6

Baptism and the New Life in Christ: The Practical Meaning of Baptism in the New Testament

From the Back Cover

This collection of messages on baptism comes from the pulpit ministry of Eric H.H. Chang which spanned several decades and was based mainly in Montreal, Canada. These messages have spoken powerfully to many in Canada and Asia. They are solemn yet inspirational, simple yet deep, homiletic yet expository. The tone is warm and hopeful.

This book addresses two commonly held but flawed views of baptism. The first view is that baptism is optional, being nothing more than an external ceremony. The other view is that baptism is the summit of our spiritual endeavors, the high point where salvation is attained for good. So what comes afterwards is an anticlimax, a climbing down from the summit to settle into the Christian life, hopefully a life of good Christian service but all too often one of stagnant Christian existence.

But in the Bible, baptism is not the summit of the Christian life but only its crucial starting point, after which comes a lifelong process of spiritual growth that is vital for salvation and is full of blessings. Other topics discussed in this book: baptism and the Spirit, post-baptismal temptation, death and burial in baptism, and resurrection to a new life.

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