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How I Have Come to Know the Living God

How I Have Come to Know the Living God: Testifying to God’s Reality and Goodness, (c) 2000, 2007, 2017, Eric H.H. Chang, 138 pp, ISBN 978-1534995772, Kindle ASIN B0756Y1ZD8

How I Have Come to Know the Living God: Testifying to God’s Reality and Goodness

From the Back Cover

“The encounter with God was so deep that I knew that a miracle had happened.”

This book offers hope and inspiration to those who want to know whether God is real or not. In plain and matter-of-fact language, Pastor Eric H.H. Chang shares about his deep and miraculous experiences of God. The tone is reflective rather than sensationalist, humble rather than self-promoting. The goal of this book is to show the reader that he or she can likewise experience God in a real way, and be rooted in the knowledge of God and His Son Jesus Christ.

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