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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

When I first came across this simple yet very meaningful prose, the words really drew my attention as well as gave me a practical challenge for every day! So often I may be thinking of the big issue of loving others as myself but I have to be realistic to see if I had actually been caring for anyone in small ways every day.

Have I uttered a word of cheer to support someone who may be somewhat discouraged? Have I filled a small need for someone who is much troubled? Have I helped to ease any worries? Have I been a careful listener to someone who is heavily burdened? Very often people are in need of a listener rather than a counsellor who has so much to say and doesn’t even listen attentively.

It is really sad that the word ‘Love’ has been used in so many carefree ways and in quite a vague manner that it has lost much of its dynamics in reality. So it is truly meaningful for me to ponder on being a person who could be available to stand by a friend in need in whatever small ways I could! Thus to apply loving others as myself from small practical steps in my everyday life.

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