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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

The thought of blessing and worshiping God in the Bible used to bring me thoughts of those saints who devoted their lives in much solitude and in prayer. Later as I pondered more on the life of Christ, I began to realise that he must be the perfect example of a person who truly blesses and worships Yahweh. From his response to the temptation he faced in Matthew 4:10 and his exhortation to the woman he met at the well in John 4:21-24, it is clear that the true meaning of blessing and worshiping God has to do with one’s attitudes toward God and the perception of Who He is in relation to oneself.

It shows that no one could really worship God without being ‘in spirit and in truth’ according to John 4:24. While there is much to ponder on this aspect of the word of Christ, it is referring to, at the most basic level, our being truthful to confess our sins so that we may be cleansed and be forgiven (1 John 1:8-9). Even though this may sound so simple and obvious, I have found it important to guard my heart against self-deception over the years!

So, by God’s mercy and enabling, I began to live with an attitude of worshiping Him in my daily life regardless of my expressing it in music and songs or not. Then came a day when Romans 15:5-6 somehow hit me with a fresh vision! Oh yes, am I not used to the singing at the worship time on Sundays? Do we not sing with one voice? It seems fine, so what is the big deal? Then as I pondered more on verse 6, I realised more of the need to focus on the words ‘with one accord’, ‘with one mind’ before it is truly possible to sing ‘with one voice’ in a manner which is pleasing and acceptable to God Yahweh! This is what I am referring to as a fresh vision, as it has since become a focal point for me to pray for each time when I join a worship session with the brethren. This could well mean that we have to amend relationships and actions in our lives sooner than we have done so thus far.

So may our life be one of blessing and worshiping God, then the time of worship could be focused on God Yahweh with one heart as well as with one voice. >

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