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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

This is such an endearing parting mission which the Lord Jesus gave to his beloved disciples with a promise, that he would be with them always even unto the end of the world. How precious is this commission as it showed his trust in their faithfulness to carry on what he had started. He left nothing vague as to what needs to be accomplished and how. It must have been such a daunting responsibility for the hearers then, just as it is so challenging for us now! But thanks be to God that all the power in heaven and on earth had been given to Christ Jesus to begin this mission and it is by this same power that he had entrusted the work to his disciples and to us to continue.

The promise of his being with us always is to sustain us, so we must be faithful to teach by word and example of all that the Lord Jesus has taught us. But the prerequisite for us to be effective to carry out such a mission remains the most important aspect of our life. Are we living a life in line with his teaching? Are our attitudes and actions consistently pleasing to God Yahweh?

Whenever I recall the many mission works initiated by my dear husband over the past decades, I count it a privilege to witness the promise of the Lord Jesus in action. How God Yahweh opened doors which were humanly speaking tightly closed. How abundant provisions were made available just in time when there was an opening for a special mission. Likewise how God’s Spirit stirred in the hearts of individuals who were total strangers to us at first, yet within a short time their hearts were drawn to repentance in the name of Christ. Then there were also occasions when the power of the evil one was in firm grip of their hearts, which were displayed in the intense struggle of the persons concerned. But even the high-powered evil spirit was cast out in the name of Christ.

Whether it is the salvation of one individual or a countless number of people to be reached in a big mission project, let us count it a joyful privilege to be included in the reconciliation between men and God while it is still Day (John 9:4)!

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