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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

The word “Glory” had been an abstract concept to me for a very long time until one day I was reading Psalms 63:7 and 96:6,9, and I seemed to have gained a fresh perception of God’s glory in a more meaningful and personal way than before. As I pondered more on these verses I began to see His amazing character as shown in the way He has dealt with me over the years. It’s truly incredible that He is strong yet gentle at the same time. He is wise yet gracious (unlike some supposedly wise people in the world who can be aloof and ungracious). He is just, yet doesn’t condemn sinners like me but had made a way for sinners to turn back to Him and hide in the shadow of His wings! Having experienced these from the LORD and observed His gracious dealings in others around me, I began to appreciate Abba Yahweh more deeply as to how He has chosen to respond to me in such a touching and beautiful way. If this is not a glimpse of His glory then I must be totally blind. Oh how I need to watch and pray so that no sin or distraction should be allowed to hinder this awareness of His glory in my heart!

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