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A sharing by James Ho for this song:

In 1989 we arrived in Hong Kong. The following year, we were invited to join the church’s Easter Camp. The Camp theme was: “Arise and Shine”. The Camp Committee was selecting songs for the camp book. But somehow the news had spread that they had yet to find a song that could fit in with the Camp Theme.

One evening, while I was contemplating about the Camp Theme, a melody came to my mind and it fit in well with the words “Arise and Shine.” And no sooner, a string of music followed and it constituted into a song. The next day, while I was walking to church with my teammate, I shared with him that I have a melody in my mind. My teammate was gifted in music. He asked me to hum the melody. The minute I finished humming the music, he immediately reacted that it could be the theme song. When we arrived at the church, he went straight to the piano and started to play the song. He asked if it sounded right. I was dumbfounded! He not only played the melody of the song, he also played with accompaniment. I filled in the English lyrics while my teammate translated them into Chinese. I named the song “Arise and Shine” and it became the theme song for the camp.

That was the first time I ever composed a song. Actually, I knew nothing about music. I didn’t even know how to read music scores or count beats. I just started to learn playing guitar. People wondered how I could compose the song. All I could say was that the song was divinely inspired. All praise and glory be to God who put the melody and the lyrics into my heart and that became the Theme song.





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