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A sharing by Helen Chang on how this song came to be composed:

When I first came across this poem, I was drawn by the one clear focus on God Himself. No frills or religious tones. The writer peeled away the outer attractions for him, to become a true Christian: things such as blessings, peace and joy, so that he was left with genuine challenges along the narrow path, like the high cost and dark way. It seems to me that when the veil of human understanding had been lifted, the writer began to see the preciousness of God Himself. With it he determined that at any cost and by any road he would not deny The LORD but would keep pressing toward his great reward, which is none other than the LORD God Himself! What an inspiring poem through which I have caught a glimpse of the life of the writer, showing me the truth of the word of God in action! May God Yahweh grant each one of us such a clear vision this Christmas so that we may respond to His plan in reconciling us to Himself. Yes, it is through the only way provided for us in His beloved son, our dear Lord Jesus. And to keep God Yahweh as our life goal in the coming year. What preciousness indeed!

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