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A sharing by Helen Chang on how this song came to be composed:

When I first read the word “Perfect” in the Scriptures a very long time ago, I felt that it was such an unattainable goal that I just didn’t know how to apply it in my life in a practical way. As His word was fed into my heart and mind in the years that followed, especially in seeing the life example of my late husband, I began to realise that it has to do with my readiness to obey God Yahweh’s commandments in loving Him with all my heart, all my soul and all my mind, and to love my neighbour as myself as taught in Matthew 22:37-39. So it’s not a moral perfection as in the total absence of sin, even the absence of sinful attitudes in the heart! Naturally the heart and the mind need to be renewed by His spirit in an ongoing manner for the rest of my life, but this doesn’t negate the need for me to experience His gracious power for me to obey His word! The goal is to love Yahweh as He so loves me, with an undivided heart and a single-minded will to obey Him. It’s amazing how His love could be passed onto others even through a weak vessel like me. So I began the journey on the path of perfection as He is perfect in His love for me and for us all! Once the words were written, the melody started to come out little by little.

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