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A sharing by Helen Chang on how this song came to be composed:

It’s truly exciting when I, at times, catch a glimpse of the vision of God Yahweh being made known throughout the earth! Yet when I ponder further on how such a vision could be realised, I am often reminded of the need for my life to be a fragrance of Christ so that others would be attracted to the LORD God. Just imagine the drawing power of God’s character in our lives when our hearts and minds are being renewed by His spirit, as we become compassionate, gentle and humble at heart, such that we may be holy and righteous in our actions also. Let us call on the name of Yahweh for Him to make us His channels so that others may be blessed to come to know Him. Pray that His wonder may be spread and grow till the whole earth will come to know Him. What a privilege for us, what a vision for our lives! Let us begin here and now.

(c) 2021 Christian Disciples Church