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A sharing by Helen Chang on how this song came to be composed:

In the past, whenever I read Phil.4:8, I knew I should think more on these qualities of life so as to become Christ-like. But the challenge was in my inability to reach that high standard, and I needed to find a solution to it in God’s word. One day it dawned on me as I pondered on these familiar words in Romans 12:1-2 that the renewing of my mind to become like this is the work of God’s holy spirit and not by my own struggles and intellect. Indeed I have to be ready for His moulding as His spirit wouldn’t force me to change my values in life. The important thing was to become aware that while it’s a life-long progressive process, it has to start at a specific point in life! So the more I keep my heart and mind on His word, the more His spirit instills new value and understanding into my being. So it is for real and not just a sound teaching! Amazingly practical.

It’s my earnest prayer that this simple song would encourage others, especially the dear younger ones, to find the joy in experiencing this reality in their lives!

(c) 2021 Christian Disciples Church