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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

Whenever I read Psalm 100 over the years, I would be enthused by such a sense of joy that it would greatly refresh my heart. I see how the psalmist was mindful of the greatness of Yahweh because He is the God of creation and it is He Who made us.

Although I do recall with shame those earlier years when I took God’s mercy and kindness for granted, I later realised that it was due to my spiritual blindness that I succumbed to the circumstances around me.

As I began to realise that, in fact, God does not owe me anything but that I owe Him everything then my perception began to come alive.

Then slowly yet surely I realised that it is a tremendous privilege to have Yahweh as my God and that He cares for me as the sheep of His pasture. As such, would I ever lack anything or fear for any harm?

In fact, more precious than this is I am not alone, I am with all those who have the same mindset of Who Yahweh is to us!

Therefore the greatest privilege for me is to live to serve Yahweh in everyday small ways with deep thanksgiving and gladness!

Would that this joy be yours in the new year also!

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