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Integrated List of Songs


Integrated List of Songs

The following table shows all the songs in this website, and provides a quick reference to the whole library. The titles are listed in alphabetical order. To find a song title, you can either manually scroll down this list, or search for the song title. To search for a song title, the exact steps will depend on your browser. The feature you are looking for is called "Find in Page" or something similar. For most laptop computers, you would press Ctrl-F. For mobile devices, the steps differ between Chrome and Safari. In mobile Chrome, tap the three dots at upper right and choose “Find in Page”. In mobile Safari, type a search word such as “heart” or 爱 in the address bar at the top; this will generate a pull-down menu; then click on the bottom line immediately after “On This Page”.


Song Title Song page
A Consecrated Soul D0180
A Free Man D0415
Accept My Love for You D0505
Against the Current D0460
All I Want D0325
Arise and Shine D0375
Be Perfect as the Father is Perfect D0445
Be Strong And Very Bold D0204
Blessed Be Yahweh, Our Creator D0430
Blessed is the Man D0559
By Yahweh's Every Word D0365
Christ Be Lifted Up D0184
Cleanse My Heart D0186
Clothed With Salvation D0270
Come, Call on Yahweh D0410
Different Now D0455
Draw Near To Yahweh D0210
Empowered by Your Love D0435
Eternal Blessings D0275
Everyday We Bless You D0190
Fight the Good Fight of the Faith D0200
Follow God's Spirit D0220
Fragrance of Christ D0238
Give Thanks E0017
God's Children E0057
God's House We Raise D0196
God's Love D0495
God's Peace D0420
God's Sheepfold E0037
Guard Your Heart With All Diligence D0260
Have Mercy On Me D0214
Heartbeat D0395
Heaven on Earth D0310
Heaven Shall Declare Your Glory D0255
Here I Am, As I Wake D0500
How Majestic Is Your Name D0244
How Much I Owe You D0530
I Am With You D0320
I Can't Stop From Loving You D0560
I Want a Principle D0178
I Will Extol Yahweh D0385
I'll Be There D0540
Imitate Christ D0345
In Your Presence is Fullness of Joy D0417
It's Your Love D0475
Jesus Taught Us To Pray D0335
Jesus, Lamb of God D0305
Joy In Your Presence D0248
Keep Our Minds On These D0485
Let All That Breathes Praise Yahweh D0400
Make My Life a Miracle D0557
May Yahweh Bless You D0350
Mission Song D0480
My Goal is Yahweh Himself D0440
My Heart Delights To Do Your Will D0234
My Heart Hopes in God E0067
Nothing Is Difficult For Yahweh D0192
Now I Understand D0285
O My Strength, I Sing Your Praise D0240
One Cheering Word D0218
Open My Eyes D0550
Our Father in Heaven D0226
Overcome Sin With Holiness D0194
Praise God, The Holy One D0390
Praise my Lord E0005
Prayer of Commitment D0315
Press on to Know the Lord E0003
Renew Our Bond in You D0405
Run The Race Before Us D0206
See the Glory of Yahweh Shining E0002
Serve Yahweh With Gladness D0188
Set Our Hearts Ablaze D0483
Shema Israel D0470
Signs of Resurrection D0228
Song of Allegiance D0465
Spring Of Living Water D0202
Still in the Storm D0198
Teach Me to Do Your Will D0558
That's What I'd Rather Be D0380
The Harvest Is Near D0290
The Hope in Hopelessness D0242
The Immortal Yahweh D0265
The Meek Shall Live By Yahweh's Spirit D0250
The Mind of Christ D0246
To Adore and to Worship You E0004
To Fear the LORD is to Live D0360
To Know Christ D0300
Wait on God E0105
We Belong to You E0155
We Belong to You D0340
Who Is Like You, Yahweh D0295
Wholly Devoted To You D0208
With One Heart and Voice D0224
With One Heart And Voice (Thai language) D0225
With You Always D0236
Yahweh is Our God D0355
Yahweh Shall be Known by All D0462
Yahweh You Are Our God and Lord D0182
Yahweh's Glory D0370
Yahweh's Power is Made Perfect D0510
Yahweh's Ransomed Shall Return D0330
Yahweh's Steadfast Love Endures D0230
Yahweh's Will For Us D0492
Yahweh, You Alone are God D0450
You Alone D0232
You are Faithful, Yahweh D0490
You Are Worthy D0216
You Do Wondrous Things D0212
Your Place In My Heart D0280
Your Thoughts Your Ways D0222
一生一世 E0185
一生追赶雅伟的心意 E0089
不再是我 E0500
与主合一 E0870
与主同心 E0095
与你一致 E0560
与你相会 D0541
与基督联合 E1110
与神同行 E0195
世界的光 E0360
丰盛旅程 E0086
为你 E0245
主会认你为忠诚的人吗 E0690
主啊帮助我们 E0014
主啊我恳求你 E0520
主感动你 E0730
主的光 E0240
主的公义 E0285
主的意念非同我的意念 E1120
他吸引万民 E0310
以你心为心 E0056
以拯救为衣 E1070
传爱 E0760
你们是世上的光 E0110
你垂听我祈求 E0054
你当刚强壮胆 E0405
你意念宝贵 E0390
你的爱 D0476
你面前有喜乐 E0840
保守内心 E0600
做个真正聪明人 E0620
做主精兵 E0810
做你忠心朋友 E0460
全心寻求主 E0190
全然地爱你 E0020
兴起发光 E0630
凡有气息的赞美雅伟 E0215
出死入生 E0114
力上加力 E0010
勇者无惧 E0098
华美新衣 D0513
古韵雅歌 E0210
可喜可乐之城 E0950
同得基業 E0235
同心合意 E0094
同心同行 D0516
向神雅伟唱新歌 D0520
向雅伟唱新歌 E0046
向雅伟的祷告 E0164
呼求 E0435
哦耶稣快快来 E0455
回家 E0200
因他以厚恩待我 E0305
在你心怀里 D0526
在你面前有满足喜乐 E0315
复活 E0290
复活和生命 E0790
复活标记 E0074
天路历程 E0395
奋进传扬 E0134
奔跑前面的路 E0064
好牧人 E0550
安息在全能者的荫下 E0225
完全的爱 E0030
宝贵 E0680
寰宇传扬你的荣耀 E0470
对你说是 D0523
尊崇敬拜你 E0440
开垦荒地 E0205
开我心耳 E0012
开我眼睛 D0551
得见你面 E0700
得雅伟称许 Dokimos E0052
心声 E0860
心存永恆的盼望 E0026
心灵贫乏 E0530
必得着生命 E0660
快来敬拜 E0260
我们一起长成 E0044
我们的盼望和喜乐 E0300
我心仰望神雅伟 E1080
我心灵得复生 E0830
我是否靠近主的心 E1100
我永永远远的深爱你 D0561
我求告一件事 E0325
我深爱你,我的力量 E0740
我的力量和盾牌 E0335
我的心哪赞美耶和华 E0345
我要向山举目 E1050
我要称谢耶和华 E0355
我要纪念雅伟 E0084
我还要归从谁 E0330
我选择雅伟道路 E0400
招聚万民的大旗 E0770
接棒 E0059
效法基督 E0880
救主恩 E0750
教我行你旨意 E1010
敬拜主 E1090
敬畏耶和华的人 E0465
新生 E1040
新造的人 E1060
昼夜不住的呼求 E0036
晓得耶和华是神 E0385
来呼求雅伟 E0970
来靠近真神 E0107
歌颂你,我的力量 E0890
每一天 E0940
求主发光 E0039
求主怜爱显彰 E0130
求主扶助 E0320
求主饶恕 E0420
求开放的灵 E0370
求耶稣作我主 E0415
活在主智慧中 E0375
清晨的日光 E0069
清晨的甘露 E0175
温柔安静的灵 E0029
渴望生命之律 E0510
溪水旁的树 E0042
满心感恩 E0022
灵的祝祷 E0900
点燃我们的心 E0990
爱的团聚 E0024
牧园 E0640
生命的粮 E0410
短宣歌 D0481
祈祷 E0850
神是我的目标 E0070
神的儿女 E0220
神的平安-毫无忧虑 E0450
神的灵火燃烧 E0780
称谢 E0670
称谢你手所造的一切 E0145
等候主 E0980
等候耶和华 E0477
背你十架 E0080
若不是主帮助 E0590
蒙主祝福的人 E0380
蒙恩福的人 E0610
要完全像天父完全 E0076
要得雅伟的喜悦 E0120
认识基督 E0910
诗篇100 E1130
诗篇23 E0365


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