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A sharing by Helen Chang on how this song came to be composed:

So often I’m ashamed by the shallowness of my gratitude to the LORD that I am lost as to how to praise the LORD as I ought. My heart really needs to appreciate and value God Himself even more deeply for I’m a recipient of so much of His abundant mercies too! Back then, when I first took note of the words about His unsearchable greatness in this Psalm, I would often think of His amazing creation by whatever means I could. While this became an ongoing reality, I also began to take note of His other unfathomable greatness in His powerful yet gentle moulding of the hearts of those who respond to His love. A well-known Chinese idiom says that it’s easier to move a mountain than to change a person’s character. From my own experience, it’s simply not possible to change one’s character without God’s spirit changing us from inside out, as it’s not a temporary improvement but a change in one’s direction in life! So let’s extol our Creator for it is His rightful due.

Banner photo (c) courtesy of Johnathan Goh

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