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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

I grew up with the idea of God being love, as taught at the Christian schools. Thankfully it became my own reality when I was set free from the bondage to the ‘self’ and the hidden sins in my heart years ago (please read under section on Testimonies). Since then I’ve wondered: If God is so great and unsearchable (Psalm 145:3) to someone like King David, how was I to know more of Him in this aspect?

I began to jot down brief notes on God’s dealings with me and others around me. I also pondered on the accounts in Exodus and Isaiah on His dealings with His people, the Israelites. Slowly yet surely I became aware that while He is a faithful and compassionate God, He is also the one Who came down from the heavens and gave Moses His commandments. He was dwelling among His chosen people; He was with them; He protected and provided for them; He was righteous in all His dealings with them. But when they grumbled and sinned against Him repeatedly, He had to send judgement upon them such that they would not be allowed to enter the promised land except for the few faithful ones and the younger generations! Oh what a privilege for me to be allowed to relate to Him as my God Who is perfect in love as well as awesome in His greatness!

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