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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

When I read the account of God’s compassion towards the gentiles who lived among His people in Isaiah 56, I was so amazed that His salvation was already for the gentiles way back then! I am often reminded of Yahweh’s mercy towards all who would be righteous regardless of our background and who we are!

From such accounts I also take note that His justice and anger were severe towards those who should have known better especially those who have already made a covenant with Him as in chapters 57–59. I take these as personal warnings because God Yahweh would respond to me, to us, in the same way should we depart from His way. It is always our sin, no matter how small or hidden, that would separate us from the blessing of His closeness to us! Yet with His enduring mercy He pointed a way out for His people to repent and be restored with yet greater measure of blessing: He would be the glory of His people, He would grant them the joy of His salvation as beautiful garments to cover them such that His praise would be made known to all the nations!

Oh how I pray that His preciousness would always be in my heart because He is such a compassionate and righteous God Who has great mercy for my frailty. So let us count it a great privilege to keep a loving fear for our God Who has clothed us with His salvation!

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