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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

At one time when I was reading about how God Yahweh’s people, the Israelites, had sinned against Him yet He still called out to them, saying, ‘You Israelites! Return to the One against Whom you have so blatantly rebelled!’ (Isaiah 31:6), my heart was so deeply touched by His compassion in allowing His people to return to Him! When His children so returned, He promised that justice and wisdom will prevail, He will give true security, and He will restore Zion in Isaiah 33, with such abundance of provision and protection in every aspect of life! This was the promise as His people learnt to wait for Him each morning and had the fear of God in their hearts! How amazing that their sins would be forgiven!

So the more I pondered on this vision of how the LORD Himself would deal with the enemy of His people, and transform Zion and His people anew with everlasting joy without any sorrow and sighing forever, the more I became filled with thanksgiving and amazement for Who God Yahweh is to us! What a glorious hope for all who are His ransomed people as depicted in Isaiah 35!

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