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A sharing by Helen Chang on how this song came to be composed:

Decades ago when I had to face challenges in life since the day I experienced His mercy in delivering me from the bondage of grumbling and hatred, I pondered as to what I needed most at the time. Was it the wisdom, the strength, the courage, and the know how to deal with the issue at hand? Actually the more I thought about all these aspects, the more I felt overwhelmed by them all as they all seemed important to me! Soon afterwards I realised that, in fact, the most needful thing for me was to call on God with a childlike dependent heart. Seeing that He has promised to provide for all our needs, yes, including the need for me to know how to face the challenge at hand, so why don’t I trust in His faithfulness? Then as I did so, the most unexpected sense of peace came into my heart. This didn’t happen just once or on a rare occasion but became a regular experience as I learnt to cling onto The LORD. I’ve found the secret for me to deal with whatever challenges that may come in life, in fact, in my being aware of God’s presence with His peace in my heart. Only then would I be granted a proper perspective on things and be sensitive to His leading as to how I’m to deal with the situation at hand! How I treasure The LORD’s faithful promises as He and His words are relevant to my every need indeed! May you find this Treasure also.

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