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The Only True God: A Study of Biblical Monotheism, (c) 2009, 2017, Eric H.H. Chang, 546 pp, ISBN 978-1532898204, Kindle ASIN B074VXY7LF


The Only True God: A Study of Biblical Monotheism

This book by Eric H.H. Chang is available in several formats, each with its own set of advantages.

Format 1: Web pages (i.e. click on the links in the blue sidebar on the left). The advantage is the Bible popup feature which displays a Bible verse when you hover your mouse over a Bible reference. Try it now with John 3:16 (no clicking needed). Footnotes are indicated by a bracketed number such as [4]; just click on it to go to the footnote; then click on the return link to return to the main text.

Format 2: PDF file. This offers a book-like reading experience on a tablet (e.g. footnotes appear at the bottom of the current page). This PDF file uses large text for easy reading on tablets. You can download it free of charge using the download link below.

Format 3: Paperback. The advantage is the ability to write notes on real paper. To order this paperback from, click on the link below.

Format 4: Kindle e-book. The advantage is that your notes and highlights are synced across all your devices. To order this Kindle book from, click on the link below.

Format 5: EPUB or MOBI e-book. These formats have text that reflows well on smartphones and tablets. Good EPUB readers include iBooks (for iOS), Calibre (Windows), and the paid version of Moon+ Reader Pro (for Android). You can download the EPUB and MOBI files free of charge using the download links below.

Note: Although The Only True God is offered to the public free of charge, it is still under copyright and not in the public domain.

Download the PDF file

Download the EPUB file

Download the MOBI file

Download the simplified Chinese PDF file 「独一的真神」简体

Download the traditional Chinese PDF file 「獨一的真神」繁体

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The front and back covers of the print edition:

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